Frank Bruce Robinson, "Doc"

Frank Bruce Robinson was born on July 5, 1886 in the small village of Buckinghamshire, England. He was the eldest of four boys. His mother was Hannah Rosella Coope, his father, the Reverend John Henry Robinson.

The Reverend was not a kind man. Frank could not figure out why his father had it out for him. Nothing he ever did was right in his father's eyes. He was beat for the smallest of infractions. And as Frank grew, his resentment mounted over the hypocrisy between his father's vocation and his drinking, carousing and meanness.

Frank had a special affinity with his mother. He felt that he had received his spirituality from her. Frank claimed that at the age of three he said to his mother, that he "saw that the world was a shallow thing. This world is not the real world. There is another one." His mother encouraged him and with her he felt secure .

In 1888 the family moved to Long Crednon, and later to Halifax where Frank's mother died in 1894, when she was 33 and Frank was eight. Her encouragement gave Frank his only security. And when she died, Frank's only anchor was gone.

After his father remarried Ellen Haigh in Huddersfield, the situation got worse, for his new step-mother was cruel too. Frank said he could be led and reasoned with, but he would not be driven. And so he rebelled - most of his life.

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