Introductory Message

MRS. ROBINSON, IN HER INTRODUCTION TO THIS BOOK, HAS very kindly referred to me as a "soul from the beyond." I do not know whether that statement is true or not. What I do know is that, as a result of the humble life you are to read about, this world will see the dawn of a new era. It will be an age which, for the first time in the known history of the world, will see man living in conscious recognition of the Great Spirit-God. God will not only live with men, but the consciousness of the presence of God will eliminate by Its own Power, all the things which have made man such a miserably unhappy creature in the world of today.

In that day, which will be brought in as a direct result of the life and teachings of this one man, sorrow, illness, tears, despair, fear—yes, even death itself, will be unknown. These could have been possible a long time ago. They would have been possible had man but known God; but, man has not known God. One may truthfully call this known world a "God-less" world, for that is what it is. The knowledge of the Great Spirit—God has not yet been brought to the world. That knowledge will come shortly, and this hopeless, "God-less" world will exchange the inconsistencies, the worries, the impotent religious philosophies, the hopelessness of life as we know it, for the joys, the peace, the love, the immortality which is God.

Despite the fact that major systems of "religion," with their welter of claims about God, exist, the fact remains that this world still does not know God. There are eleven major systems of "religion" operating on this earth today, exclusive of "Psychiana." All have different "gods" or different conceptions of the One God. Their theologies, however, are taken, for the greater part, from much older systems of "religion" which they themselves call "pagan." Where that is not the case, their system of "religion" was manufactured by them out of thin air. It may have been honestly manufactured, but manufactured it was, nevertheless.

God, as this Spirit will be revealed to the nations of this earth 'ere long, bears no relation to any of the "gods" these many theological systems have offered. One look at the universe around us should convince the most skeptical that the nations are "God-less." As I write this, Germany has just taken under its "protecting wing" the neighboring countries of Norway and Denmark. Other small nations will be as helpless against the German type of aggression as a wax bill on a woodpecker.

This type of aggression which believes and plainly says that "might makes right" will, if not stopped soon, engulf the whole earth under its "protecting wing." The name of the Creator would then be given little room and the place of that Creative Spirit-God-would be usurped by a man. Let none argue that God is known on the earth today. Were God known, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini could not exist. If God were known for what God is, there would be on the earth today universal peace. There would be universal love instead of universal hate. There would be no poverty, no strikes, no crime, no immorality - certainly no wars-with their ghastly inhuman instruments for the destruction of human life. There could be no illness; nor could there be any death; for the Great Spirit-God-is a Spirit of Eternal Life; and Life, which is God, knows nothing about death.

So then, I affirm that God is not known on the earth, in spite of all our systems of "religion." The Great Spirit— God—is not in the "religions" of today nor yesterday. We must then look forward to the true conception of God, and the Power of God, in the future. It will be in the near future. The present state of things cannot long exist.

From the very earliest years of my life until today, I have known quite definitely that somewhere in me was a direct connection with the Great Spirit, God. I have always known that I was "set aside" for the express purpose of bringing to this earth the truths of God as those truths exist, and as they will be revealed to mankind soon. They are being revealed to men today. 'Ere long, there will flash across the horizon such a revelation of the Divine Power of the Great Spirit, God, that this world will be reborn. It has been my lot to be the one chosen by God to bring in this "Great Day of God."

This is not the statement of a paranoiac or a rattle brained religious fanatic—it is the statement of a man who keeps both feet firmly on the ground. It is the statement of a man who, although thirteen years ago was unknown, today leads the eighth largest religion on the face of the earth. This religion has demonstrated the actual Power of God in human lives during those thirteen years—and its record cannot be approached by any other religious system in existence.

This has been done entirely by mail. We have no churches, no ministers, and we preach no sermons. We give to the world the plain simple truths of God as those truths have been revealed to us. Those truths prove themselves. Through the Power of those truths, men and women are, for the first time in known history, finding the Power which is God.

This book will be written very simply. No attempt at flowery rhetoric will be made. I am not capable of producing a polished academic work, never having had more than a high school education. It is true that several educational institutions have decorated my name with "Doctorates" but this means nothing. I do not know any more now than I did before I received them. These are plaudits of men. As such, I am not interested in them. The only thing I am interested in is the work given me to do. That work is of God, and from the Realm of the Great Spirit - God - I shall receive whatever reward there may be - if any.

This is my life's story. I must write it in my own way. No one can help me. In fact, I shall not ask anyone to. I shall give you the facts as I recall them, and I shall do this as honestly as I can. I shall do this as briefly as I can. Using my own terms and method of writing, I believe you will understand me. I do not want to write this autobiography. I never have wanted to push myself into the limelight. Having been pushed into the world's international religious spotlight, however, and the demands for the story coming in to us in ever-increasing volume, I have decided that this, coupled with the other means I use, may be one means of bringing the true conception of God to this earth.

Now that the book has been started, I shall work day and night on it—for there is no time to lose. What will have happened before this book reaches you, I do not know. The powers and forces of darkness are making themselves very evident these days; they will never rule the earth. However, there will come a definite clash between these forces of darkness and the Light which is God. Neither Germany nor the Allies will win this war. Wars are never "won." What will happen is this—the conception of God which I am bringing to the world will be universally grasped. The Power of the Great Spirit, God, which accompanies these revelations will spread over this earth, and that Power—the Power of the Spirit which is God—will be so powerful and breathtaking that these armies—all of them—will fold up their tents and, like the Arabs, steal away, never to return.

Let me repeat - the Day of God is at hand, not the day some of our "religions" have predicted. But it is the Day of God, nevertheless. Let me state here that what this earth is about to discover about God could have been discovered long ago. Why it was not, I do not know. It may be because another picture of God was offered to the world. It may be because those who were offering this other picture used the sword to propagate their religion. It may be because they made men and women "afraid" of God. Perhaps they told them that if they did not accept their conception of God, they should "suffer in torment through the ages." Or perhaps they told the world that they, and they alone, were the "only ones authorized to act and teach for God"—and it may be that millions of people, earnest in their search for God, believed them.

Whatever the reason the truths of God have not been made known before is beside the point. These truths are now known. They will save this world. They always could have saved it. So then, you will understand the earnestness of your writer to bring these truths of God to the people as fast as he possibly can. Sometimes I wonder why I, of all men, was chosen by God for this task. Surely someone much more competent could have been chosen. Surely someone with a much better education than I might have been called! But they were not, and there is one thing I shall never do —that is, shirk anything God gives me to do. I never have yet, and I know now I never shall.

Regardless of present existing "systems of religion," regardless of "criminal trials," regardless of "deportation proceedings," yes, regardless of any obstacle thrown in my path, this work will continue to prosper in that which it was sent to do. Opposition will fall by the wayside. I have seen that happen. Persecution will only help me succeed, for it will steel me to the task of bringing to the earth, the Day of God. The reason?—The Power of the Spirit which is God is in this Movement and it Founder. That Spirit— that God—never can fail.

I shall write things in this book which, if I considered my feelings, I certainly should not write. I shall have to bare facts which will be hard to reveal. I shall not spare myself. The world has not spared me. I shall not spare myself, then. Ruthless, regretfully, and probably with tears streaming down my face, shall I tell you everything I can remember which has any bearing on the work I am now doing for God and humanity.

One is not supposed to write anything in an autobiography which does not bear directly on the life of the writer. Every thing I shall put in this book has a very direct bearing on that life. You will see the almost unbelievable manner in which a "blind faith" in God was transformed into a "living faith." You will see the staggering results which are following. There is one thing I am supremely happy over. That one thing is that I have never lost faith in God. A little later, you will perhaps marvel that I did not lose, not only faith in God, but my mind as well.

The result, however, more than repays me for what little suffering I have gone through. Even if every day from this day on means additional suffering, and it may, I shall still pursue the course set for me. Regardless of how stormy the sea, this vessel will fight the waves and the tempest, secure in the knowledge that the Great Pilot is on board.

One word of caution, please. Naturally this book must be written in the first person. I am writing about myself. So please understand that no matter what I relate to you, no matter how hard it may be to relate these things, no thought of self shall ever enter into this work. If you knew me personally, as few do, you would know that just one thing matters—to live and die for the cause of God. The revelations which have come to me, and the understanding, is of God. The vision, as you will see as you progress, unquestionably is a Divine vision. The "call" to service could not have originated elsewhere than in the Realm of the Great Spirit—God. That fact I want you to have before you as you read this book, not looking at Frank B. Robinson, but at what the message of that man is meaning to this world. The messenger is a poor one. But the message is what matters—not the messenger. In the infinite wisdom of a Great God, strange vessels are sometimes chosen to carry valuable wine. Things which are not are sometimes used to bring to naught things which are. The stone which the builders reject may have an important place in the finished structure. The uneducated may sometimes, in the wisdom of God, be used to confound the mighty.

I was asked last evening in Seattle whether the great conflagration in Europe is "Armageddon." Yes it is— only not the "Armageddon" some people are looking for God Almighty will not descend from the skies and commit a wholesale slaughter of his "enemies" for God does not operate in this manner. Anyhow, if that is the object, these "enemies," if left alone, will slaughter themselves just as effectively as God can do it, even if God would do it. "Armageddon" is figuratively pictured as a "battle-royal" between the forces of "Satan" and the forces of God. There never has been a gentleman by the name of "Satan." We must look for another definition of the "forces" which are opposed to God. We must also find out what God is. What is happening in Europe is the natural result of a God-less world. Never has God been known on this earth. Had God been, how do you think these war-mad wholesale murderers could exist?

This ghastly thing in Europe is nothing more nor less than a heading up of those who believe that might make's right. Obsessed with the insane idea that they are all-powerful, these men, leaving God out of the picture, have attempted to rule the world by brute force. This, they will never do. But no power exists on the earth today which can stop them. It is the new conception of God your writer is bringing to this earth which can bring them to their knees. Let me repeat, had the Power which is God been brought to this earth by anyone, the earth would be a paradise today. But the true conception of God, and the Power of God, never have been known, and hence we see the earth as it is today. It is a perfectly natural condition. It could not have been otherwise. Without God on the earth, you see what has happened. With God on the earth, the picture will completely change. May God grant that I be man enough to continue to the end that which God has given me to do.

There are over four hundred religious sects on the earth today. But only one God. My job is to bring to all of them the true conception of God which, when it is brought to the earth, will banish everything evil, bring eternal life and eternal happiness, and thus satisfy all these sects and the human race.

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