The Bible Training School

IN DUE TIME AND WITH MIXED FEELINGS, I ENTERED THE Bible Training School. A check for $75.00 a month was received from Doctor Harris, and in addition to this, my fees were taken care of. This school, as I remember, was located on Gerrard Street - perhaps it was College Street. The location makes no difference. It is an interdenominational school, operated under the Baptist denomination. I remember well the consternation which reigned supreme when a Christian Science church was built right next door. They were damned time and time again, but there was nothing the Bible School could do about it.

The classes there consisted of several hundred students from all Protestant denominations. The Salvation Army was represented there and the Mennonites with their funny little black bonnets. The "Holy Rollers" were there with two of these in the school when I attended it. The resident instructor was a Presbyterian named McNicol. Doctor McNicol was a wonderful chap - quiet, reserved, plain, and he took his religion very seriously. I don't care what a person believes about religion if that person actually believes it. What makes me boil is to hear some radio or regular preacher whose only motive is the dollar, get up over the air and rant about something he himself does not believe.

I know a radio preacher who goes on many stations. To hear that man preach, you would think butter would not melt in his mouth. Let me tell you a little true story. A few years ago, I was giving a series of Sunday addresses in person over KNX in Hollywood. This chap, hearing that I was in the studio, asked the technician if he would be so kind as to introduce me to him. His program followed mine. The technician agreed and, calling me into the front studio, said, "Doctor Robinson, I'd like to present the Reverend who has asked to meet you." I shook hands with the man and, not liking his looks, decided to play with him a bit to find out whether the fellow really was in earnest or not. "You certainly have done a mighty fine job with "Psychiana," the Reverend said. "Yes," I replied. "How's your racket - getting lots of money out of it?" "Not too bad - not too bad at all. I'm making about $1500 a month." Then he asked me what I was making, and I turned from the man in disgust. I cannot tolerate a hypocrite, especially in the realm of religion. This Realm of God is a very real Realm. No one who does not know whereof he speaks should fool with it. There is too much at stake for that. Yet there are tens of thousands of preachers and priests in this fair America today who, every Sunday, will get up in their pulpits and teach something which they cannot prove and which they do not believe themselves. I have no use for that sort of thing. That is what my father was doing. It nearly ruined me.

The other instructors in the Bible School were Doctor Stewart, a wonderful old man - hair snowy white, eye keen, jovial disposition. Then there was Doctor Imrie, a tall, thin, lanky kind of individual of the intellectual type. Doctor Harris himself also taught a subject. What it was I forget. Every month, prominent speakers were brought in to speak to the students, and the atmosphere of that school was good. I liked it. I remember we had a blind boy there by the name of Clark. He used to punch out his exercises on a Braille book. I felt sorry for poor Clark, and whatever became of him, I do not know.

On one of the special attraction occasions, an old colored lady, Mrs. Amanda Smith, came to talk to us. I think that old colored lady had more real religion than any speaker I have ever heard. She told a story that made me split my sides with laughter, although one could not laugh in the Bible Training School. Whether the old colored lady believed the story or not, I do not know; but here is what she told to us as the truth. Maybe she was joking - who knows? She said that one winter several years ago, things were in a very bad way financially with her. The going was awfully tough. She lived in a little cabin somewhere in the South, and on this particular evening she was very hungry. Mrs. Smith did not explain how she came to be so hungry, nor did she explain why she did not make her condition known to the neighbors. Surely they would not have let her starve to death. Well - here she was - this old colored lady - all alone in her cabin and very hungry. I'll let the story be told in her own words from this point: "So, knowing that de Lawd would provide fo' a poor ol' colored woman, ah drops to mah knees, shet mah eyes, and said to de Lawd, 'Oh Lawd - you all knows all about dis ol' colored woman in dis yere cabin. Ah's a child ob yose, an ah's powerful hungry. Maybe ah can wait till mawnin' for somethin' to eat, Lawd, but ah knows ah'll have to have lots to eat in de mawnin'."

Then, after praying that prayer to "de Lawd," she said she got up, bolted the door of her one-room cabin and went to sleep. Remember she bolted "de do'." Imagine her amazement when she awakened in the "mawnin"' to find, right in the middle of "de flo"' a half a dozen eggs and no hen. I shall never forget trying to keep from laughing right out loud when Mrs. Amanda Smith told us that story. On the same program was the Bishop of Kingston, and it almost seemed like going from the ridiculous to the sublime. This Kingston bishop walked out on the platform with his gaitered legs and, in the most serious of manners, said, "Brethren, let us pray, but not for eggs." Just what the bishop was trying to get at, I never could quite figure out. Perhaps you can.

I seemed to be quite well liked among the students, and it wasn't very long before I had a host of friends there. I became known in that school as "another Spurgeon." On one occasion, while speaking with a group of "missioners" from the Bible School, I was introduced as "the man who walks and talks with God." Where they got that impression, I do not know, for I was very careful never to give out any such impression. I tried to be quite normal and, while friendly with all, and quite in earnest, I kept everyone there at arm's length. I have a habit of doing that. Not consciously, perhaps, but I do it, nevertheless. I shall not burden you with the routine of the school because you are not interested in that. I'd like to tell you of one incident that happened which might give you who may never see me, an insight into my character and general make-up.

A call had come into the Bible School from the Christian Missionary Alliance church in Owens Sound for "someone who could drive the devil out of Owens Sound," and the job fell to me. On the Saturday before the "devil-driving" was to begin, I left by train for Owens Sound, some few hundred miles from Toronto. What I was running into, I did not know. My instructions were to stay there until the "Spirit of God had complete control of the city." That was some order, and it could have been done had there been anyone in that church who knew the first thing about the Spirit of God. Unfortunately there wasn't such a man or woman in the entire church. I had been informed that someone would meet me at the depot. On the train, I mulled over a statement Doctor McNicol had made to me just before I left. "Frank - you're going to a hard church. If you can crack this one, you're a good man."

It must be remembered at this point that I had been in the Bible School only a few months and others had been there for years. I had not learned much about theology yet, and why I was handed this Owens Sound job, if it was such a "tough nut," was a bit beyond me. Of course, my reputation was "a mighty powerful man," although I personally felt about the weakest person in the whole Bible School. If others thought me powerful, I was not responsible for that. I was, in any event, very much in earnest about everything I did. I arrived at the Sound late on Saturday afternoon. Taking an old battered suitcase with me, I walked up the station platform looking for the one who was to escort me to room. Finally I spotted an old fellow who, on approaching me, said, "Be you the preacher?" I replied that I was. "Is your name Frank Robinson?" he asked. I assured him that it was. "Well, give me your grip, Mr. Robinson, and you jump up thar in the seat of the buckboard. I'll tuck your baggage in the back." This old chap made little impression on me, and I wondered more and more just what was ahead of me. Somehow or other, I seemed to sense danger.

"I hear you're a stem-winder of a preacher," he began, and when I assured him that I was nothing of the sort, he said, "That ain't what we heared up here." On the way from the depot to the house where I was to stay, we passed a blacksmith's shop. Pointing his finger to the blacksmith who was standing in the door of the shop, my escort, a grizzly old farmer, said, "See that feller standing there - that black smith?" "Yes, I see him," I replied. "What's wrong with him?" "Wall, sir, that guy ain't got no more religion than a polecat. He sits in the second seat down the front on the left-hand side of the church. You better git after him and git him saved. He shore needs it. He's a deacon in our church, but that scoundrel ain't got no more religion than a polecat - no sirree."

Now I knew there was danger ahead. I knew someone was going to have some fun. A little further down the country road, my driver again called my attention to a little farm house - this time on the other side of the road. "Wait till I tell you about that old scoundrel who lives in thar," he began, and then followed a long discourse on how little religion that "thar feller" had. He too was a deacon. I had my own personal opinion about the religion of the driver, but not wishing to hurt his feelings, I let him drivel on, as long as I could stand it. When he began to point out another "old scoundrel" who belonged to his church, I took the conversation away from him by asking him where the regular minister of the church was. He informed me that he was "holding evangelistic services" in the next town. When I asked him why the pastor did not hold evangelistic services in his own church, he replied, "Well, you see, Mr. Robinson, the roof on the parsonage wants a bit of fixin' and we ain't had money enough to fit it - it ain't hardly fit to live in, so the preacher thought he mought make a little extra money holdin' evangelistic services over there. Then he mought bring back enough money to fix the parsonage hisself."

"How much do you pay him?" I asked. "Waal, he ain't worth much. We been a-hopin' he'd git another church some place," the old fellow replied. I pressed him for the amount the minister had been promised and was informed that there was no stated salary - just whatever the "brethren" felt like giving to him. When I asked how many children their pastor had, I was told five. I did some more "fishing" with that old chap, and before we reached the home in which I was to stay, I had a pretty good idea of the type of congregation I had to deal with. This was my first try at "driving the devil out" of anywhere. Being a natural born fighter, I felt in my bones that the fur would fly before I left Owens Sound. It did.

Two services were to be held the next day, one at eleven o'clock in the morning and the other at seven-thirty in the evening. The Christian Missionary Alliance denomination was, if I remember correctly, headed by one Reverend A. B. Simpson who broke away from the Baptist denomination and like Paul, started a church of his own. The church itself held about two hundred people, and when I arrived there for the morning service, the people were standing outside - not a seat was vacant. This had not happened there for years, if ever. Well, I didn't do much preaching that Sundaying, just fooled away the time. I was waiting for the evening meeting. I always do my best work in the evening.

I played around with that congregation, and more time was spent in sizing it up than in doing anything else. Perhaps my unusually quiet demeanor that morning gave the impression that I was loaded with dynamite, for at six-thirty in the evening, one hour before the service was scheduled to begin, the place was packed. In the little corner home where I stayed, I came in for some more advice. These good folks were very useful to me in giving me the low-down on the congregation. They tried hard to pump me about the evening sermon, but I wasn't talking. I was listening and making them talk.

Arriving at the church, I asked for the caretaker. When he came, I said to him, "Have you got the key to this building?" He replied that he had. "Then give it to me," l said. He rather hesitated and, wanting that key in the worst way, I took it out of his hand and put it in my pocket. Then locking the door from the inside, I went into the pulpit. There was a very tense atmosphere in that church that night. You could have heard a pin drop, although I had not given any one the faintest inkling of what I might do or say. I did not know myself. (I have never yet walked out before an audience knowing what I was going to say or do. I invariably allow the Spirit of God to lead me in every detail.)

Standing there quietly for a few moments, during which the tenseness increased so that you could cut it with a knife, I pulled the key from my pocket and, holding it in plain sight, I said, "You folks are locked in - and here you're going to stay until I get through with you. Don't anyone attempt to leave." That was dynamite. Usually the service would have commenced with a hymn. This service had no hymns nor prayers in it. I won't burden you with that sermon. It was not a sermon. It was the most withering "bawling out" any congregation ever had. I recalled to them their telegram about "driving the devil out of Owens Sound and proceeded to inform them that instead of driving His Satanic Majesty out of Owens Sound, I had pulled a fast one on him - I had locked him in a church and had the key in my pocket. Then I let go. At ten thirty that same evening, the key was still in my pocket and I was still working over that crowd of false religionists, for that is what they were. There wasn't a single one of them that knew the first thing about God, and they knew it before I was through. Then, at exactly ten thirty, I took the key from my pocket and announced that I was taking the night train back to Toronto. I told them that when they really wanted to know something of the Power of God, to get their own preacher's back salary paid and have his home renovated. Then, from the back of the church, I threw the key up on the platform and (this was my strategy) I walked back to the platform again Before eleven o'clock, I had raised seven hundred dollars in cash and checks. After taking out one hundred dollars for my own expenses, I told them I would mail the balance to their regular preacher. This was done except, instead of mailing it and instead of leaving for Toronto that night, I drove to the next city where their regular minister was "holding evangelistic services." The next morning, I went into a huddle with him. The next week, he was back in his old charge. Where he is now, I do not know-probably dead, for he was fifty-four years old then. Thus closed my first attempt to "drive the devil" out of anywhere.

THERE IS ONE THING THAT BIBLE SCHOOL DID FOR ME, AND I am very grateful to it for that. Somehow or other, I felt that I had been on the wrong track in my search for the actual truths of God. I had heard the theory that the Great Creator of this universe came down from "heaven" in the form of man, only to be met with crucifixion on a cross. Somehow or other, that story did not appeal to me. It just didn't make sense. It was not logical, and it never entered into my search for the true Spirit which is God. I had heard the story preached from childhood. I had lived with those who said they were "saved." I knew to my sorrow just how that "salvation" worked. I made up my mind that if those with whom I had come in contact were "saved," I would rather take my chances on being damned. However, I never took the story seriously. In attempting to find the truths of God in that story, I had been on the wrong track. The Toronto Bible Training School teachers put my feet on the right track, not by what they taught, but by what they did not teach.

Let me summarize some staggering facts which will put your feet on the right track as they did mine. I am well aware of the fact that if what I am saying here is true, the major part of the Christian religion is gone over the dam. The best part of it has not gone, however - only that part of it which is not true. When that untrue part has gone, what is left will be of God - if there is anything left, and I think there is. Up to this time, my father had religiously preached that "there is none other name given under heaven whereby men might be saved." I had heard that story so many times that I knew it by heart; yet the more I heard that story, the farther I got away from God. That, at least, is how it appeared to me.

I had always been taught that the bible of this religion of the Baptist denomination was, to quote, "the divinely inspired Word of God, absolutely true from cover to cover." Every word in the book was given by direct inspiration of God, and in this bible alone, I was told, was the answer to how to find God. Naturally, until now, I had believed that statement. I had not been able to find God, however, through it, nor had I as yet met anyone who gave the slightest evidence that he had either. The more I heard that God Almighty, the Infinite Creative Invisible Spirit which must have created this wonderful scheme of things, was brutally murdered by a handful of Roman soldiers, helpless on a cross, the less faith I had in the story. Before I left this Bible School, I had no faith in that story at all, for that school gave me inside facts which I longed to know, lo these many years Yet it was not so much what the school did tell me as what it did not tell me. I shall not burden you by relating the curriculum; I shall merely give you what I discovered there. Thirty-five years of intense study of all systems of religion since that time have proved to me that there is a vast difference between the things of the Great Spirit, God, and the teachings of any theological seminary.

One day, shortly before I left the school, I called for an appointment with Doctor Harris. He took me to New York City with him, and we stayed at the old Waldorf Astoria. An interesting side-light on the great character of that man was evidenced one day when we were eating dinner. The waiter handed us the menu and, looking at it, Harris said to me, "Frank, choose anything you wish. I'm going to take a nice dish of fish. You know, Frank - I'm a millionaire, but I don't believe the Lord will blame me too much if you and I have a dinner which costs $1.50, do you?" I assured him that if I were a millionaire, I should probably be eating dinners that cost $5.00.

After dinner, we went up to our room, and I pinned the good doctor down where I wanted him. He admitted to me before we were through that the entire story of God crucified on a cross was absolutely without proof and, so far as legal evidence is concerned, might not be true at all. He admitted to me that the Bible Training School and MacMaster University existed, only to teach the truths of God as the Baptist denomination believed those truths to exist. At the same time, he admitted that the entire Christian structure, insofar as Jesus Christ is concerned, is only a matter of conjecture, not fact. That was what I wanted to hear him say, for it was the conclusion I had come to long ago. This Bible Training School provided me with the proof. Here is a summary of what I have discovered through that bible school, and since, regarding the religion of the Baptist denomination. The following were proved by me to be facts. Anyone can prove them to be facts with little research:

First-No book in the Christian bible can prove its authenticity. They are all anonymous. The Mosiac Law is a copy of the far older Hamurabi code, which, in turn, goes back twenty thousand years to the Osirian religion. Whole passages, chapters, appear word for word as they did in the Osirian religion - this long before Christ was ever heard of. Not one book in the entire Christian bible can produce evidence of its truth - not a single original manuscript exists, or has ever been known to exist.

Second-The only reference anywhere to God Almighty, the Supreme Ruler of the universe, being crucified on a cross is in the four gospels of the Christian religion. History never heard of this stupendous happening. These four gospels are positively anonymous writings. Who wrote them is not known. The titles they bear were added by the Roman Catholic priests in whose hands these anonymous documents first appeared. Where they came from and who wrote them is not known. Not until the year I545 A.D. were they placed in the canon of New Testament scripture, and then, it was not by "divine inspiration of God," but by vote of I80 Catholic priests who voted, after a fist fight at the Council of Trent, to admit these four gospels as the "Word of God." In these four gospels, all completely anonymous, is to be found the only reference to God Almighty being killed on a cross, and the originals of these four gospels "are all lost." In other words, we have only the vote of I80 Catholic priests to thank for the entire story of God being crucified on a cross as Jesus Christ.

Third - One of the reasons we have only four gospels is because animals have four legs. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons in I545, A.D., presided at the Council of Trent. The argument he used for having four gospels is this-"The earth has four corners (which it has not), there are four great winds (which there are not), animals have four legs, so we must have four Gospels - no more and no less."

Fourth - Outside of these four gospels, there is no known reference to Jesus Christ anywhere. Historians, living almost on the exact spot where these amazing things were supposed to have happened, and writing in detail the religious history of that day and age, never heard of Jesus Christ or of any of the miraculous things we are asked to believe about his birth, death, and crucifixion.

Fifth - The story of Jesus Christ crucified as Almighty God is about the thirty-second time a similar story had been told. It is the most recent of all such stories. It is very interesting to note in passing that this world has rejected every story of God Almighty being crucified as a man ever been offered it. The story of Jesus Christ as God Almighty crucified has also been rejected. The "powers that be" in the Christian religion admit that themselves.

Sixth - Every fundamental doctrine, creed, and dogma of the Christian church existed hundreds and thousands of years before this church was ever heard of, in religions which the Christian church now calls "pagan" and "heathen." The immaculate conception of a god by a god, the virgin birth, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the atonement, the eucharist, baptism, the trinity - every single one of these doctrines existed, and therefore, must have come from older systems of religion. As an example of this, let me give you one outstanding system of religion larger than the Christian religion and existing fifteen hundred years before, if not longer than that. I refer to the old religion of India.

The Christian bible recounts the story of the creation, and the creation of the first man and woman whose names were Adam and Eve. But fifteen hundred years before, the bibles of the Hindoo gave a similar story, only the first man and woman there were called Adimo and Heva. There was a similar flood Story, and a similar "talking snake" story. The only man found "righteous in the sight of the Lord" in the Christian story was Noah. In the Hindoo story, fifteen hundred years before, his name was Noe. The Christian Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. The Hindoo Noe also had three sons, fifteen hundred years before, and these sons were named Sherma, Hama, and Jiapheta.

We all know how one day nineteen hundred years ago, a star appeared over the Bethlehem plains. We have been told how the wise men from "the East" (which means something) came bringing their gifts to an infant who was born in a manger. This infant was Almighty God. The angels sang "Glory to God in the highest, on earth Peace - Good-will to men." (If that was the object of this birth, it failed). All know how the life of the young child was sought by the ruling King Herod. What we do not know, and what the Bible Training School did not tell me was that fifteen hundred years before, to the very same day, December 25th, another star appeared over other plains, heralding the birth of Almighty God in the manger. Wise men from "the East" came bringing their gifts. Angels sang songs in the night Their song was "Glory to God in the highest, on earth Peace, Good-will to men." The life of this other God-child was sought early by the ruling King Cansa. The name of the "god" who was born in a manger nineteen hundred years ago was Jesus Christ. The name of the God born in another manger four thousand years ago was Jeseus Chrishna.

If the reader cares to have full and authentic information about these other "crucified gods," secure Gleams Over the Horizon by this author. In that book is material which I should very much like to introduce here. If I did, this volume would be too bulky and besides, that subject calls for a volume in itself. So, with these six points made clear, I shall trot along with this autobiography. It is not an attempt to destroy the Christian religion. At the same time, if the Christian religion is based on false information, if it is based on theory and not fact, if its complete was copied from another - a heathen system of religion- it will destroy itself.

We are living in perilous days. No false system of theology can meet the conditions of our time. Too many dangerous elements are running wild. What will have happened before this book sees the light of day, I cannot predict. Perhaps the "might makes right" forces will have scored a temporary victory. The point is: No false story of God, no unsafe and untrue system of religion, is capable of coping with the opposite forces which are abroad on the earth today. Let the Christian not be alarmed at what I write - he should be used to that by now. Rather let him take hope, for if his religion does not contain the truths of God, those truths are to be found elsewhere. If the Christian thinks more of God than he does of his religion, he will find God, letting his religion, if proven false, fall by the wayside.

If my personal opinion means anything to you, let me say to you that in other writings I have proved, beyond per adventure of contradiction, that what, under the guise of Christianity, masquerades as being of God is nothing more nor less than the same old religious tradition the "heathen" have, told again. That statement is either true or false. Material proving that statement has been published from this office. It has gone all over the civilized world. It has never been challenged by priest, preacher, or theologian. Yet I am an uneducated man. If my statements are untrue, why do not these brilliant theologians, Protestant or Catholic, show the world where I am wrong? If I am wrong, it will be very easy to prove me wrong. That, I repeat, has never yet been done. Nor can it be done, for before I write, I know. I would much rather have had some church challenge me to an open debate on this subject. That, however, was not done. Instead, criminal trials, deportation proceedings, were the order of the day. I am not saying that any church had anything to do with those trials - in fact, I am not saying anything either way. I could talk, if I cared to, and what I could say would make very interesting reading; but it's all over now. The dog is dead. Why try to revive him again; he was a bad dog; let him rest.

I do not believe there has ever been a spiritual pioneer who has not suffered persecution during his life. I do not believe there has ever been a time when a true spiritual prophet and pioneer was needed as much as one is needed now. Such a man will have to rise. Such a one will have to bring to this earth the actual truths of God. Nothing less can stop these war-mad dictators. These days are serious. Let none think that because we in America are safe today we shall always be safe. We may be in that war, or in another one, before this book goes to the publisher. Let us suppose that Hitler and his forces win. In war, none can predict, but suppose they do. What then? He would have the world in the hollow of his hand. The name of God would be completely eliminated, and the name of Hitler would take its place. That day will never come, but there will be hell on earth before peace is restored. Let me ask you a question, my friend, whoever you may be. What religious organization is there on the face of the earth today which knows enough of the Power of the Spirit of God to give Spiritual battle to Hitler?

You know the answer as well as I do. Such an organization does not exist. The reason such an organization does not exist is because no organization on the face of the earth is teaching the truths of God. All are teaching the traditions of their own church - nothing more. These traditions may be precious, but if they are not true, regardless of how precious they may be, they are valueless. They can have no spiritual truth or Power in them, and nothing short of Spiritual Truths and the Power of the Spirit of God will bring peace to this earth now. What we are witnessing is the Great Armageddon so many have looked for. Well, it's here, and something will have to be done about it. It is quite useless to look "above the skies" for the "god" of any religion to come back and take a hand in world affairs. That cannot happen because the stories of those "gods" are not true. Let me tell you what will happen. Then perhaps you will understand the full significance of this Movement here in Moscow, Idaho.

The Christian Church today knows it is licked. It knows as well as anyone knows that it is not competent to do one thing to stop such men as Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. Even the Italian system of religion which is spreading so much propaganda in this country, the Roman Catholic Church, knows that it is as impotent as a dead man to do one thing to either stop this war or to demonstrate the Power of God on this earth, and nothing short of the actual demonstration of the Power of God will bring peace. The Christian church, driven to desperation as it is, will do one of two things - it will either die in its tracks, in which case another religion ("Psychiana") will step into the picture; or it will discard absolutely the foolish and false theory that God Almighty, the Infinite Spirit whom no man has ever seen nor ever can see, was crucified on a cross under the alias of Jesus Christ. That insane theory of God will have to go. The only thing that story is good for is to cater to the ignorant and superstitious and build up a church organization. It can mean nothing to anyone who knows that God must exist, in all Power, here and now.

It is not my intention to deal with the possibilities of the church throwing away its pagan philosophy of a "crucified god." Whether it does or not is its own business. If it does not, it will die, if something already dead can die again. There is one faint spark of hope left. The Christian church is not quite dead. The foolish story of God Almighty being crucified on a cross is killing it - but it is not quite dead yet. If this church will arise to a new life - if it will throw away traditions which can very easily be proven to be the same old traditions the Pagans had - it can live. If it does not do that, the "Psychiana" Movement will grow and grow until the world of peace-loving people, seeing the fallacy of what the church teaches - will turn to the movement through which the Spirit of God is being manifested on this earth.

God is right. God is everything that is Good. God is everything that is just. God is the Infinite Spirit of Life. God is that Intelligence - the soul of the universe, through which Life, Love, Peace, all of these eternal - came to this earth. That Spirit cannot die, nor can Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini kill it. The crying shame of the world today is that those religious organizations who say they know and teach God are, instead of teaching God, bringing to the earth, in a vain attempt to save it, theories of God which are as false as hell itself is false. Think of it. Less than four hundred years ago the entire story of Jesus Christ was put into the Christian bible because "animals have four legs." And the Christian church expects to bring this world to God by such a cock-and-bull story. What think you of that story?

I believe the Protestant church is absolutely honest in what it thinks it believes. I think it believes the delusion under which it labors. It believes a lie. I cannot say as much for the Roman Catholic church. I love everyone, Catholic or Protestant, but I hate the organization which, while telling the world that it represents God, and is "the only one authorized to act and teach for God," and still is about as much use against world conditions today as a bump on a log. The Roman Catholic church tells us that Jesus Christ founded that church. I believe that. Certainly God never founded it, and there is a great possibility that Jesus Christ never even lived. If he did live, it was as a man, and not a god. Therefore, this makes the Roman Catholic church a man-made and church-made organization. It never was anything else. The Protestant church, being a "branch" of the Catholic church, is of the same material. This material cannot save the world. It is of Man - not of God. And it will take the Power of God to save this world - believe it or not.

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