Success Comes

THERE WAS AN ANXIOUS PERIOD BETWEEN THE ORDERING in the first advertisement and the receipt of the first replies. I knew this Movement was born of God. I knew those replies would come in. No other possibility entered my mind. It could not be otherwise, for this was a message from God to the world. Therefore, the world would receive that message.

I worked in the drug store all day long, and at night Ned Phillips, George Benson, Oscar Anderson, Elmer Anderson, and I built "fixtures" in a small room I had rented over the drug store. There was no planed lumber in those fixtures. We used a hammer, a saw, and some nails, and that is all we did use. Incidentally, the system of mailing the replies and follow-ups which I put into vogue in that little room is still in use today, only it is a much more elaborate system. The fundamental idea is the same. It has been claimed that the "Psychiana" system is the nearest to being perfect of any mail-order business in America. It may not be perfect, but very few mistakes are made, and when these mistakes do occur, they are found if the whole crew works all night to find them.

In the meantime the Moscow Publishing Company printed one thousand sets of the original "Psychiana" Teaching, and ten thousand each of the different follow-up letters which by the way, have not been changed from that day to this. More evidence of divine guidance, certainly. Most advertisers continually experiment, changing a line here and a line there, trying to make the advertising pay. Yet here was I, ordering ten thousand of each letter, never for one instant dreaming that any change would be necessary. On April the first (April Fools' Day), 1928, the first replies began to come in to us. I remember calling up the "boys" and telling them that they would have to come down and fold the literature, for it was too much for one man to do.

They were very faithful, and each night would see a prosperous farmer and road commissioner, a banker, a grocery clerk, a bookkeeper for a paint store, and a druggist, working till the "wee sma" hours of the morning getting those replies attended to. In about two weeks the first enrollment was received. Then I leaped for joy. I knew my work was coming into fruition, for every succeeding mail brought enrollments for membership in "Psychiana." They flooded our "office" and it at once became necessary for us to rent one more room adjoining the one we already occupied. Mrs. Robinson hand-stapled the first sets of Lessons to go out. In about three weeks more we were compelled to rent still another room, and inside of six months I had signed a five-year lease on a building which I then thought we would never completely fill. But inside of another six months, that building was too small, so I bought a quarter of a block with a two-story undertaking parlor on it, and moved into it. Our present location is far too small, and larger quarters will be built in the near future.

In the meantime, I had gone on half-time at the drugstore and, seeing the handwriting on the wall, I told Charley Bolles he had better be looking for another man. As soon as one was found, I left, devoting all of my time to the "Psychiana" Movement. I shall never forget the first "printing" we did. I bought a second-hand multigraph machine for fifteen dollars and set every letter of type myself. The cost of printing was exhorbitant, hence the multigraph machine. We now have two twin-motored multigraph machines, a Set-o-type, and the largest and most up-to-date newspaper plant in North Idaho, and still we cannot keep ahead of the printing. At the present writing, three outside printers are helping us out, we are far behind.

It is hard to estimate just how many followers we have, as from two to ten people will study each set of Lessons. Then again, we have "study-groups" all over the world. In the United States alone as I write this to you, there are more than twelve thousand cities, towns, villages, each one having from one, to twenty-five thousand students. I estimate, as closely as I can that we have between seven hundred and fifty thousand and one million people who either directly or indirectly have studied or are studying with me. It must be remembered that we must make a charge for this Teaching, otherwise we could not operate. For every Student enrolled, ten people have had our literature, and have not been able to study with us because of this cost. This is a pity, but at the proper time it will be overcome, as some man or woman will endow this Movement. I know just as surely as I knew the first advertisement would be successful. It has to be. Who the man or woman is, I do not know, nor do I care. As soon as he or she appears on the scene, the advertising appropriation will be quadrupled, and the Teaching will be given free to everyone who wants it, and that will be millions.

Last year (1939) more than seventy-five million pieces of literature were printed and left our Headquarters here in Moscow, Idaho. That's a lot of printing. As the years go by, and as men and women find the Power of the Great Spirit, God, we shall be enabled to move very much faster than we are today. What we have done has been little short of miraculous. It is phenomenal. It has never been equalled by anyone. Had not the Spirit of God been behind this Movement, it would have died a natural death a long time ago, for the man does not live who, through his own ability, can stand the strain and the burden of pioneering and guiding the "Psychiana" Movement. I am not a young man any more, but I can do more actual work than any two young men, and just as long as this Movement needs me, I shall be here to guide it.

I remember shortly after the Movement started, the editor of the Daily Star Mirror, which newspaper we consolidated with ours last November, was very wrathy over the "Psychiana" Movement, so he called a meeting of the Moscow Ministerial Association to see if something could not be done to drive this "selling scheme" out of Moscow. There were ministers there who would have left no stone unturned to upset the Movement, but they were restrained by the Reverend Clifford Drury who was then pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Moscow. He is now history professor in San Anselmo Presbyterian Seminary. Drury wisely told these good ministers, "Better keep hands off, for if this Movement is not of God, it will die of itself, but if it is of God, nothing you can do will stop it." That advice was heeded. It was wise advice, as has been abundantly proved since.

I do not know how many magazines, newspapers, and radio commentators have written up this Movement. There are now, as I write this at Rocky Point, Oregon, seven requests from the editors of large magazines for personal stories of the Movement. I consider this autobiography of more importance than magazine write-ups, so these letters will have to go unanswered until I get back. This autobiography will give these gentlemen the facts they need. I will try to recall a few of the most outstanding magazines and newspapers and radio commentators who have spoken editorially of "Psychiana" and myself. I probably shall miss a score, as there are many of these write-ups I never see. I know that in the month of March, 1940, more than two hundred different newspapers carried a write-up with a photo of myself in their columns. I have received "clippings" from that number. So it begins to look as if God really has been working in a marked manner these past few years. He will work in a much more marked manner during the next year or so.

Walter Winchell, of course, is the outstanding radio commentator in America. Mr. Winchell saw fit to say nice things about me in a Sunday evening broadcast just a few weeks ago. I do not recall the names of the news columnists who have drawn attention to this Movement, but I know there are five of these men of national note. Time, Newsweek, The American Mercury, Pathfinder, The Portland Oregonian, The Milwaukee Journal, The New York News, The Washington Times-Dispatch, Cavalcade, and Everybody's, two of the largest circulating magazines in Great Britain, and other foreign magazines and papers by the score have featured us in their columns.

Let it be understood that I have sought no publicity. I do not want it. I wish it were possible for me to keep entirely in the background, and let someone else, far more qualified than I, take the credit. I want no plaudits of men. I want to bring to this world the actual truths of God, which truths will liberate men everywhere, because they are truths of God. That is my work. All I ask is that I be left alone with my God and not interfered with as I have been. I count it an honor to have been so viciously attacked by the churches, for that is evidence that this whole Movement is born of the Spirit of God, otherwise they would not attack it.

* * *

All this amazing growth and success was pleasing and gratifying to me in that it proved that I had the message the world needs. But there was one thing I was looking most eagerly for -- that was letters from my Students telling me what God was doing in their lives. I shall never forget the first letter of that kind which came in. It told of the instant disappearance of a case of chronic rheumatism of twenty years standing. It went like the morning mists before the rising sun. Taking the letter with me, I jumped in the car and drove like fury to my home where I said to my good wife, "It works, Pearl. It works -- look at this."

That was the first letter of this kind I had received and, naturally, it made me happy indeed. Then another letter like it came in, and before many more weeks had gone by, these letters were the rule, not the exception. We saved one hundred and fifty thousand of such letters, and now we throw them away, after we answer them, as we have not the space in which to store them.

These letters have all been unsolicited and, naturally, not one penny has ever been paid for one of them. I have reproduced a few in another chapter. They come from all over the world. If I were to tell you all the things which have happened through the Power we endeavor to teach, it would make you blink your eyes, I assure you. This has never been a "healing" Movement, and it never will be so long as I head it. Yet cancer and other incurable diseases have melted away before the Power of the Great Spirit, God. I can show you evidence of death being averted many times. Yet these things, unusual as they are, are but side-lights on the greater work which we are doing. When God is recognized in the life, and when the Power of God is consciously used in the life, these undesirable physical diseases cannot help but disappear. There are, however, hundreds of thousands of lives we have dealt with which have no physical impairment, and naturally we do not hear as much about those lives.

I receive more telegrams than any man in the State of Idaho. I receive more long-distance calls at all hours of the day and night than any man in Idaho. I cover more miles travelling and trying to help people than any man in the United States. The demands on my time are such that my average day is far longer than eight hours, I assure you. Were it not for the Power of the Living Spirit, which Spirit I know, I should not be able to do what I do. But greater is the God in me than any other Power, even the Power of death. As long as I abide in that Power, and consciously know that Power, what care l?

* * *

Let me tell you of one amusing letter. It was not so amusing at the time to the writer who was in deadly earnest. He was a postmaster of a large Eastern city. Things had been going wrong with him all round, and he wrote me as follows:

"DEAR DR. ROBINSON:"There is nothing left for me in life. You are teaching the truths of God, but I am beyond all hope. Illness, financial worries, bad investments have made me decide to end it all. Before many days I shall have blown my brains out. I appeal to you as a last resort -- is there anything you can do to help me before I commit suicide."

Here is my reply:

"MY DEAR MR. SO-AND-SO:"Your letter received and contents noted well. In the first place you could not blow your brains out because you haven't any. You might blow holes in your head, but that wouldn't be blowing your brains out. In the event you decide to do this, let me suggest that you do it in some back alley somewhere, as I don't believe the U. S. Government would appreciate having a mess made in the Federal Building in . . . I shall watch the papers with interest to see just how good a job you made of it."

That reply evidently was the right one. Later I received a long letter from that chap telling me that had I tried to sympathize with him, he probably would have committed suicide. As it happened, my letter made him think. It brought him to his senses. I am glad it did. Let it be remembered here that it is a terrific responsibility having so many thousand write you their heart-throbs; for that is exactly what they do. Yet every letter is treated as if it were from a relative. We give them the very best we know how to give them, and, depending upon the Spirit of God for guidance, we invariably achieve results which stagger people when they read these letters.

One world-famous character who is a great booster for me is Tommy Burns, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Tommy never gets tired of singing our praises.

Premier Mussolini sent me a letter of appreciation on one of my books a few years ago. Famous scientists, U. S. Senators and Congressmen; foreign diplomats; world-famous physicians. In fact, from all walks of life come these amazing letters.

An analysis of my Students reveals several interesting facts. They are about half men and half women. Their average age is from 40 to 60 years. Seventy-nine per cent of them are "white-collar" people in the $3000.00 a year class. Not "lunatics" as one monthly publication called them recently.

* * *

The Movement had not been in existence much over one year when I began to feel the weight of unfair church attacks which were being made upon the Movement and myself. These attacks were made openly, and worse than all, underground. Quite naturally, word of what was being accomplished through the Power of God began to spread, and the churches began to take notice of us. Some of the statements I made were very plain statements, both in my literature and in my advertisements. I made the open statement that the religion the churches were teaching was not of God. I called attention to the fact, through the books I had written, that every fundamental of "orthodoxy" was known to millions of people thousands of years before Christianity was ever heard of. These statements have not yet been challenged. They cannot be challenged because they are true, and I have the proof. So other means were taken to stop this Movement and put me "out of harm's way" as one minister put it. Certainly they tried hard enough, but as Clifford Drury so wisely stated before the Moscow Ministerial Association, "If this thing be of God, nothing you can do can stop it." It happens to be of God.

The first open attack came from the Gospel Advocate, the official organ of the Christian church (Campbellites). I will not reproduce the article here, as it is not worth the space. Suffice it to say that the article, written by one C. C. Brewer and written without the slightest knowledge of what he was writing, was pronounced by our attorneys to be libelous in every State in the Union. I wrote Mr. Brewer, calling his attention to that fact and asking for the same space in the Gospel Advocate he had given to libelling me. He agreed, and I sent in my answer. It never appeared, though, and shortly after I saw another name as editor of the Advocate. The strange part of this is that shortly afterwards Brewer became seriously ill and a wire received by me stated that he was not expected to live. He lived, and I know why. But wasn't it strange that I, of all men, was asked to help when death threatened? Surely it is strange how God works sometimes.

The next attack came from the Sunday School Times. In fact this magazine took two or three shots at me. Harmless shots, though, for it has been noted that when any person or religious magazine takes a pot-shot at "Psychiana," hundreds of its readers write us for information and, through the information we send them, they usually find God, and that is something they were not able to do before. The Lutheran Companion wrote an especially vicious article, but it did not state that the one who wrote the article still owes me fifty dollars for a set of books I am holding as security for the repayment of a loan. I wonder why that fact was not mentioned in this article.

So organized and vicious were the attacks made on this Movement and myself that literally thousands of complaints were sent in to the Post Office Inspectors in Washington, D. C. Whole Sunday School classes would write complaints to the Post Office Department. They were ordered to. One of these came from a Baptist minister who at that time resided in Moscow. His name is the Reverend C. C. McGraw. The letter of "complaint" stated that the Postal authorities should investigate "that man Robinson" in Moscow, who is using the mails to defraud "suckers" out of their hard-earned money, and "judging by the amount of money he is making, he is catching them by the hundreds." Naturally any investigation was ordered, but nothing was found which showed the slightest taint of fraud. I do not agree with "orthodoxy" and very plainly say so. This means that the Movement should be stopped. Any new revelation from God which does not agree with the teachings of the church must not be allowed to operate. Every one of these complaints was based on our religious views, not on anything which could be faintly suspected of being fraudulent. These complainants knew this when they sent the letters in.

After the two inspectors who made their investigation had reported on the Movement, the Federal District Attorney ordered the case closed. "Believe me, Doctor Robinson, I went through your Movement with a fine-tooth comb, and if there had been anything wrong with it, I would have found it out," he told me some time ago. However, not to be defeated, another investigation was made, and the same results were reported.

What these religious bodies hoped to gain by persecuting me, is more than I can guess. Mail fraud is mail fraud, and in no sense of the word can any religious Movement of the international significance of this Movement be charged with fraud in anything it teaches. The Constitution of the United States very effectively bars that. Yet these complaints poured in, and I presume they still pour in, although not in as great a number. This Movement has taken its place at the head of the religious procession, and while there are other religious Movements having greater claimed membership, there is no religious organization on the face of the earth which has grown as rapidly as this Movement; nor is there another religious organization on the face of the earth which is demonstrating the Power of God in as many lives as this "Psychiana" Movement is.

After all, it's the results in human lives that count. Talk is cheap. Anyone can talk, but when one sees diseases disappearing like magic and lives by the tens of thousands being rejuvenated and brought to know God, that is what matters. I would rather be doing the work I am doing than be the Pope of Rome, the Head of the Salvation Army, and the President of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ, all rolled into one. They talk -- they make unprovable claims. We bring God to mankind. The churches cannot prove one statement they make.

No true Movement of the Spirit of God on the earth can subscribe to anything "orthodoxy" teaches, for "orthodoxy" as it exists today is obsolete. It stands here absolutely powerless either to reveal God to man or to do one thing toward stopping this hellish war the nations of the earth are engaged in. I do not know what will happen before this book sees the light of day, but I do know that no religious organization on the face of the earth will ever be able to do anything toward bringing this ghastly thing to a close. "The blood of Jesus" is preached universally by the Christian church. "There is a fountain filled with blood" is sung in almost every Christian church, but it will take more than the blood of Jesus to bring peace to this war-weary earth. It will take more than "the blood of Chrishna," for he, too, shed his blood upon the cross to "save" mankind. It will take more than the blood of the score of other "crucified gods" to make any impression on this world today.

It will take the Power of God, and this Power, no church on earth can teach because they know nothing whatsoever of that Power. It is not a case of the Power of God in Christianity today. All this religion is trying to do is to get men and women to believe that Jesus Christ, who no one can prove ever lived, was God Almighty. It is an impossible task. The world does not believe that story, nor does it believe the story that Jeseus Chrishna was God, nor Prometheus, nor Quirinus, nor Osiris, nor any of the rest of the cavalcade of crucified gods which have paraded across the horizon of world religious history. This world has rejected every "crucified god" offered to it, just as it has rejected the "crucified god" of the present church. It is showing good judgment in doing so.

lf these religions would preach one thing -- the existence and Power of the Great Spirit, God, there would be need for only one religion. When that day comes, and it will come, this world will actually and literally know God. It cannot know God when someone else is offered to it as God. There was never any need for Jesus Christ or any other "crucified god" to appear on this world's horizon. All there ever has been need for is the simple, plain recognition of the Power of the Great Invisible Spirit which is God. But no -- that won't do -- the churches do not want an invisible God. So they made unto themselves graven images, and these images the churches of all religions have attempted to foist on the world as being the true God. Look at the world about you as a result of these images. Then ask yourself if it is not high time that some man arose to bring to this earth the truths of the One Great God, which God never has been seen by mortal eye, never has been nailed to a cross, and never created a man who, from the very beginning, was "born in sin, shapen in iniquity, and damned to hell," if he did not believe that some one of a score of "crucified gods" was God Almighty.

The message I am bringing to this world will be accepted. It will be accepted because it is true. It will be accepted because it has the Power to bring to men the consciousness of the Absolute God. This is something mankind has not had brought to it yet by any religious organization. The day had to come in which some one, with an experience of God and the courage to tell that experience, must come along. There may be paths for me to tread which I do not fully see. I care nothing for that. I know in Whom I am believing, and I know that Great Spirit lives. Therefore, knowing that, I am happy and content to be led every step of the way, until the day dawns when all men shall know the fullness of the Power of the Spirit of God.


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