The Name "Psychiana"

AT THIS POINT, I WANT TO TELL YOU HOW THE NAME "Psychiana" came into existence. This is one of the most remarkable instances of direct inspiration I have ever known and clearly demonstrates that there is a great ocean of Power available to us all in any emergency. It has become second nature to me to depend upon this hidden, though always available, Power, and I give very little thought any more to problems which would cause many people a great deal of worry.

I have told you about writing the original ten Lessons of this Teaching, and up to that time I had given no thought to what the Teaching should be called. It never entered into my head that a name would be necessary until I drew up the first advertisement. For several days I pondered in my mind what the name of this new Teaching should be. The word "psycho," meaning soul, kept running through my mind. Yet I could not call it the "Robinson System of Psychology" because it is not psychology in any sense of the word. It is pure and simple religion.

One night on arriving home, I said to Mrs. Robinson, "I wish I could find the proper name for that teaching." Quick as a flash, she shot back to me, "Why don't you put the Teaching to work and have it provide you with the proper name?" I grasped what she meant and decided to do that very thing. When I went to bed that night, I put a pencil and writing tablet on a chair beside the bed. It might be noticed here that I had never done anything like that before nor did I know at that time why I was doing it. I just simply followed this unseen inspiration with somewhat marvelous results. I have never forgotten that night. I was in the most realistic dream I have ever experienced. A dream to me is something very unusual, because I usually sleep like a horse and awake in the morning completely refreshed from a good night's sleep. On this particular night, or rather in the early hours of the morning, I experienced this very realistic dream. There was a room about twelve feet square painted black and in the middle of it was a Helen Gould canvas army cot. On the cot was a male corpse with his hands folded across his breasts. Standing over the head of the corpse and making downward motions with his hands was a man I had never seen before.

After standing at the entrance to this room for a few moments watching the proceedings, I walked into the room and said to this gentleman who was making the downward motions with his hands over the corpse, "Now, just exactly what do you call that?" Turning to me this person looked me right in the eye for a moment and then said, "You ought to know. This is 'Psychiana,' the Power which will bring new life to a spiritually dead world."

Like a flash, I awoke. If you have ever tried to bring a concrete idea or thought into waking consciousness from the dream realm, you have discovered that it is a very difficult thing to do. However, in a semi-conscious state, and coming right out of sleep, I continually repeated the name "'Psychiana,' 'Psychiana,' 'Psychiana'" until I was wide awake, and then I wrote it down on the little tablet which I had placed on the chair by the side of the bed. Awakening Mrs. Robinson I said, "Here is the name. I have it. It is 'Psychiana'." At once she stated that she thought it was a very wonderful name, and I knew instinctively that it would be very successful. I knew that the name of this Movement would have to be a definite entity. It would have to be something entirely new. Had some less powerful name been chosen, this Movement might not have been heard of.

Now, let me tell you the strange part of this story. Some few months afterward, I was walking by the desk of the lady who opened the mail then, and I happened to see a photograph lying on the top of a group of enrollment blanks. Let me explain that I ask every Student who enrolls for this Teaching to send me his or her photograph, and I in turn send them one of mine. While standing and looking at the picture, it suddenly flashed upon me that this was a photograph of the man I had seen in the dream standing over the head of the corpse. Here, looking right at me, was the same man who gave me the name of this Movement in that strange dream. I called for the application enrollment of that gentleman and found out that he lived in Alexandria, Egypt. His application said he was a bookkeeper, and while that was true, it was not all of the truth, for Mr. Birley was and is a very wealthy cotton importer of Alexandria. I visited him in his home and called upon his father and mother in England a few years ago.

Calling a stenographer into my office I asked her to take a letter. In the letter I thanked Mr. Birley for his enrollment in this Teaching and informed him that, whether he knew it or not, he was to become associated with me in this Movement. I had no way of knowing whether Mr. Birley was a millionaire or a pauper, but I did ask him to send me forty thousand dollars. I just came right out and told him what I needed to really put this Movement on its feet. At that time, we were in our second office, a very small affair, and I was still working part time in the Corner Drug Store.

About three weeks later the Spokane Eastern Trust Company of Spokane, Washington, called me over the long distance telephone. On the telephone was Mr. Sam Kimbrough. He said that he had a large sum of money there for me, and I said to him, "How much is it -- forty thousand dollars?" He replied, "No, I have twenty thousand dollars here, but another twenty thousand dollars will be here next month." I went to Spokane and came back with a cashier's check for twenty thousand dollars which is a lot of money. In due time the other twenty thousand dollars arrived, and for a time Mr. Birley had an interest in this Movement. He has none at the present time, however, as I am returning him his money now at so much a month. This story is unusual, but it is the absolute truth.

There was a Presbyterian minister in Moscow at that time by the name of Clifford Drury. I have alluded to him before. I had told Clifford Drury of what I was doing and told him the trouble I was having in finding a name. When I gave him the name, "Psychiana," I asked him what he thought about changing it to "Psychianity." Drury replied that he thought it would be all right. His only objection was that it would be too much like "Christianity." I discussed that problem with the good wife and she was in favor of changing the name to "Psychianity." However, I decided that having secured this name directly from the source of all intelligence and inspiration, I had better leave it alone. This good judgment has been abundantly vindicated, because today the name "Psychiana" is known all over the civilized world, and there is more comment and discussion of this religious Movement than there is of any other religion on the face of the earth. It is revolutionary. It is dynamic. It is powerful. If it is true, every major system of religion which is founded on the death of God on a cross is an untrue religious philosophy.

You can readily understand then the consternation and the bitterness this philosophy caused when I first released it. Only a man who knows what he is talking about by experience or a complete fool would make such a statement as that. I have never been accused of being very much of a fool; and when I look at the conditions which exist in this world today and when I remember the fact that these conditions exist in spite of the multitudinous claims of the various religious organizations, and when I see the confusion among these religions, and when I read that the Archbishop of Canterbury calls the religion of Jesus Christ a "bloody religion," I know that a completely new picture of God is demanded by this age.

I will go so far as to say that if some other picture of God is not presented to this earth, what we know as civilization will perish from the earth. If ever I was convinced that the fullness of the Power of the Great Spirit of God will be brought to this earth by this Movement, I am convinced of that this morning. As I sit here dictating this simple though strange story, my heart bleeds when I think of the misery and suffering which will come to this earth before very long. There will probably be a night attack on London by hundreds of German bombing planes, and London and England will fall. (NOTE: This was written before England entered the war.) All the powers opposed to God have headed up in one mad man and the only movement capable of opposing an ungodly creature such as Hitler is this Movement. I make this statement because the record of this Movement covering a period of eleven years is a record of dynamic action by the Power of the Great Spirit, God.

There are many good sincere Christians (which only means members of the Christian religion) to whom the passing of the old regime and the coming of the new is bringing much anguish and foreboding of coming evil. Many of these anxious souls are already crying with the Solo Vetski monks, "Woe, woe unto you. What have you done with our son of God?" I have already received thousands of letters stating "You are taking away our God and our Bible and are giving us nothing in return." Nothing, however, could be farther from the truth than that. I have taken away from the bible and from the Christian religion only that which is false and which, therefore, was a detriment to both. All that is good and true, I have left. Wherever you find Truth, it is the definitely inspired word of God, regardless of who writes it. So I have not destroyed anything true. The bible of the Christian religion is still remaining. All I have done is clarify it by the Light of the Spirit of God as that Light has been revealed to me. I have taken away nothing that I have not returned one hundred fold.

It is true I have taken away the cosmogony of Genesis, but I have brought the sense of God through astronomy and geology, and is not a revelation of God through these sciences far safer than the so-called "divine inspiration" of any bible? I have disputed with Bishop Usher who told you that on October 26 at nine o'clock in the morning some six thousand years ago, God Almighty created the heavens and the earth. I have called that story untrue and I have blasted out of existence any theory of God based upon such an untrue statement, even though that date is to be found officially recorded in a marginal note at the very beginning of the Christian bible. This is evidence that they believe that statement of Bishop Usher.

But what have I given in the place of this instant creation six thousand years ago? Have I not given you man's slow but constant evolution? I have completely shattered the foolish theories of the fall of man but in their place I have given you an eternal progress, ever-forward and ever leading toward the Great Light which is God. I have proved the Tower of Babel story to have been written seven thousand years before the time of Christ. I have proved the entire Christian theology to be known in detail to millions of people thousands of years before the Christ of the Christian church or the church itself were ever heard of. But I have replaced that story with philology. I have very effectively taken away the "miracles for demonstration" but I have replaced these demonstrative miracles with the present Power of the Spirit of God which always works in a beautifully natural order. I have taken away superstition and ignorance, but I have replaced them with true faith and knowledge.

I have removed the false halo of deity from the head of the Syrian Jew, Jesus, and in place of that false halo I have crowned him with divine humanity. I have completely exploded the authority and the infallibility of "revealed theology" of which the world is full, and I have also taken away with it the dangers and disadvantages of such a religion; but I have brought to the world in its place, a rational, God-inspired, fast-growing religion embodying all that was good in the old faiths, yet in complete harmony with whatever progress the future may bring.

But my work is not finished. It has hardly started. Much still remains to be done. The dogmatic walls of these old church made "faiths" must be torn down, for they cumber the ground where the edifice of a far greater and nobler religion is being built. The foundations of this new religious structure have been laid and on these foundations, under the guidance of the indwelling Spirit of God, I shall build a better, a nobler, a grander religious structure than the world has known to date. No narrow church-made creed shall bar the portals of that Temple of God. But her doors shall ever be opened to all who seek the truth -- not just for an hour on Sunday morning to hear some man expound his theories of an unprovable faith, but always open to those who seek the truths of God wherever those truths are to be found. Within the sacred walls of that structure, God, through this Movement, is building, and the sacred devotees of every faith will be able to worship in security.

No cup of hemlock shall there still the prophetic or philosophic tongue. No crown of thorns shall there adorn the brow of innocents. No burning fagots shall there await the doubting mind and honest soul. No voice shall there command except the still small voice of the Spirit of God. On the sacred altar of the new Temple shall rest the bible of the Christian religion and the bibles of every other religion. In fact on the altar in that Temple shall rest every book which has inspired the heart of man. There in that lowly Temple I am building, the lowly Nazarene, the Syrian Jew -- Jesus-- will be revered, and so will every other Son of God who has helped to ease the burdens of this sin-sick world, regardless of what his name may be.

The Holy Mother Mary will be adored by those who wish to adore her as will the other mother Maia and the rest of the virgins who, according to their respective traditions, brought God to this earth in the form of a little male child. In adoring these mothers, every woman who has played the sacred role of motherhood will also be adored, for the child the Holy Mother Mary bore, if at all, was a human child, even as you and I.

As you read this book, you will understand that a more pitiable and worthless person could not have been chosen to bring to this world the truths of God. But I shall not try to shirk responsibility because of my inability to do it justice. Instead, I shall continue to be guided by the stars of hope and destiny. There will always remain in me an infinite peace and love for the entire human race, and as long as I live, my every effort will be given to the task of erecting this new Temple of God. If I continue to be guided by these two stars of hope and love, my destiny shall remain safe and secure in the hands of an ever-present and ever-loving God. Guided by these two stars of hope and love, wise men from the East, from the West, and from the North and from the South will lay their treasure at the feet of every new born babe and welcome it to a world of brotherhood while all worshippers of every religion shall join the strains of peace on earth, good will to men.

* * *

While I am on this subject of direct manifestations of the Power of God in my life, let me give you another instance of the supernatural, inexplicable guidance and provision of the Power of God. This experience came before the one I have recorded about my friend, Mr. Birley.

I received a long-distance call from New York one day stating that I could buy the back cover of a large national magazine for $5000.00 -- the regular price being $7500.00. I ordered that cover reserved and sent my full-page display advertisement to them by airmail. Working for me at that time was the son of a Baptist minister who, incidentally, before he got through, forged my name to checks, nearly wrecking the Movement. Yet after kicking him out one night in the middle of the winter, I sent telegrams all over trying to find that chap and his wife and young child to bring them back to Moscow. Finally I found them. In the meantime, I rented a house, furnished it, filled the cellar with coal and handed the man $50.00 and put him back to work. Inside of thirty days, he had robbed me again, so this time I let him go for good. Just a few months ago, I was called upon to provide his wife with the material necessities of life, which I did. The preacher's son is living with one of his parents who is a professor in a Baptist Theological Seminary.

All that is beside the point, of course, but it is interesting. Turning to me, this young man said, "Where are you going to get $5,000.00 with which to pay for that advertisement?" I replied that the bill would not be due for ninety days and that, while I had no money at all, the bill would be paid when presented. I did not have the faintest idea where $5,000.00 was coming from, nor did I care particularly. I knew that this Movement needed the immense circulation of that magazine, and I ordered the ad put in. In due course, the bill for this advertisement came in -- $5,000.00 with two per cent discount for cash. We had that morning exactly three hundred dollars in the bank. Approaching me with the bill in his hands, this preacher's son, who served in an office capacity, said, "What are you going to do about this?" Looking him in the eye, I said, "Deduct the two per cent and mail them a check." Looking at me rather strangely, he said, "Have you any money in the bank with which to meet this check?" I replied that the check could not possibly be back before ten days and informed this young man that that was my business and not his.

It may be interesting to take a peek into my mind while this was going on. We may be able to find the secret of the phenomenal success of this Movement; we may be able to find perhaps, the secret which once grasped, opens the entire vista of the Power of the Realm of God to all. This is not my Movement. I feel I am only the physical object being used to bring to this earth what I know to be the actual and literal Truths of God. I needed that advertising. I knew that in the Infinite wisdom and power of the invisible Realm of God was the answer to this $5,000.00 proposition. So I did the only thing I could do. I mailed a check for that amount.

Now, let me tell you what happened. I personally took that check to the post office which was directly across the street and deposited it in the mail chute. Inside of five minutes, I received a call from the president of one of our three local banks. The gentleman who called me was a Norwegian and of a very excitable type. "This is Blank at the bank speaking. If you will come down, I have some money for you. Were you expecting some?" I said to him over the phone, "How much money have you there -- five thousand dollars?" He replied, "Yes, you must have been expecting it." I informed him that I did not have the faintest idea where the money had come from, but I went down to the bank. When the check from the East came in some ten days later, it was paid. As a matter of fact, the money was in the bank before the letter with the check enclosed left Moscow.

Now, let me tell you the inside story of how I came to receive that check. Incidentally, the lady who sent it is now a very good friend of mine living in Seattle. At this time she was living in Honolulu. She had seen one of our advertisements in a Honolulu newspaper and had gone into a book store to order the complete Teaching. The book store in due course ordered the Teaching from me, sending a check for same. When the Lessons arrived at the book store in Honolulu, this lady went down and examined them. Not being impressed with them, she ordered them returned. The book seller immediately cabled me not to cash the check for the Lessons but to return it. However, this lady evidently thought twice, for she went back to the book seller and decided that she would take the Lessons. As a result of her taking the Lessons, a little later she sat down and sent me a check for $5000.00.

If I cared to, I could enumerate not one, but hundreds, of instances equally as remarkable as these two. As a matter of fact, this entire Movement is fantastic in its ability to accomplish what it wants to accomplish in spite of all opposition. Just when the days seem darkest, in some unusual manner the Light begins to shine. It is utterly impossible for me to take you into the inner recesses of my life. I cannot write those experiences. They take place in a realm which cannot be written about. But throughout this entire life of mine, I recognize very clearly the Guiding Hand of the Spirit of God. True, every church organization in existence would give its right arm to have this Movement out of the way, but that is only proof of the Power of God in this Movement.

It is so revolutionary that it means the complete casting away of orthodox theology and the replacing of it with a universal religion under which every living soul recognizes that the fullness of the invisible Power of the invisible Spirit which is God exists on this earth here and now for the use of all. There cannot be any limitations to that Power. With it and through it, all things are possible -- even the banishing of the specter we call death. That has always been possible, and would be actually manifested here on the earth were it not for the fact that orthodox religions basing their whole theology on the false premise of God being crucified for the sins of the world.

They have come to us with a theory of God, which theory can be found in many pagan systems of religion. The Christian church calls these other systems pagan. Yet they were in existence with the very fundamentals of Christianity long before Christianity was ever heard of. So if these old religions are pagan, so is Christianity. The premise in each of these systems of theology is that God Almighty made a mistake when he created the first man and made a bad one. Then to rectify that mistake, He drowned the human race like rats in a trap, saving only one family. Judging by the conditions in the world today, this drowning was quite useless. If we know anything at all about God and the true religion of God, I am saying that there is no true religion of God on the face of the earth today. There cannot be. I shall be told at this point by theologians that the church does not believe those old stories any more, but if it does not, then what does it believe? It came into existence and for long has fattened upon such philosophies as these, and if the churches themselves say they do not believe them, what is left?

Truly the time is ripe for someone to bring to this world the true conception of God. When that true conception is brought and fully realized, what is happening in Europe today can never happen again. A religious philosophy can rise no higher than itself. If the God of any religion is looked upon as an absent God, and if that religion has nothing more to offer than an object in the future, results of that religion must be negative. The "Psychiana" Movement teaches no dead God. Its entire philosophy is based upon the present existence of the infinite, invisible Life Impulse which must be God. That Power -- that Impulse -- that Spirit -- living in each one of us here and now. This philosophy then puts all the Power of God into every man's hand, and the only problem remaining is to discover how to apply that Power.

A Doctor of Divinity said to me in Los Angeles last week, "Can you raise the dead?" Not wishing to enter into a discussion with the reverend gentleman, I said to him, "If I could, you would be the first man I would raise." Let us keep both feet on the ground here and let us recognize the fact that this world is saturated with the theology which has consistently taught that God may be known only "beyond the tomb." In other words, we must die to "enter into the glories the Lord hath prepared for us." I do not believe that. I think that is only ignorance of the Spiritual Power which is God which allows death to manifest here at all. The hope of every religion is eternal life. They all have made the fatal blunder though, of telling us that we cannot possibly know that eternal life here and now. We shall know it, they tell us, if we comply with church regulations, somewhere above the sky in some other realm. But may I interpolate a rather pertinent question here? May I ask these religious organizations why it is that if God only wanted us to enjoy eternal life beyond the sky, didn't He make his creation in the first place beyond the sky? What did he put them here for? Why did God go to all the trouble of creating a marvelous universe like this only to destroy it, revealing himself to humanity somewhere else? It just does not add up. The only inhabited world we know anything about is this one. Our life was given to us to live on this earth, so why blast the hopes of the entire human race by telling it that the very thing it desires most -- a knowledge of God -- cannot be had until we have passed out of this picture.

This may seem like a fantastic statement. We are, however, living in a fantastic world today. Fantastic things are happening in Europe, and more fantastic things will happen with lightening rapidity. I do not know what will happen before this book appears. I do know that this earth is for the saddest drama ever to be recorded on the scroll of history.

It's always darkest, however, before the dawn, and the fact that this Movement exists -- the fact that I am on the earth with this message -- is the surest kind of proof that the vision I hold forth to the world will be manifest some day before too long. If I have been called upon to play some little part in this world of drama, if it has been given to me to see perhaps a little more clearly than some what the Truths of God are, I can do nothing more than to live conscientiously as truly as I can live, holding ever before me the spiritual picture which is mine.

* * *

I must tell you of two more instances which you will find very interesting. Some six or seven years ago, I received an emergency call to drive some eight hundred miles in an endeavor to save the life of a school teacher who was dying. I rarely make those trips now. In those days, I answered every call of that type that was humanly possible. I arrived in this city late at night and made my way to the little wooden hospital where this school teacher lay dying. Quietly opening the door, I walked into the reception room and put my hat and coat on the table. It was a one-story building with a hall running up the middle and rooms on each side. Noticing a light coming from one of the rooms, I quietly walked up the passageway and stood outside the door. I heard a girl's voice say, "But Doctor Robinson is here now." Stepping into the room and taking one hand of the girl in mine and looking her in the eyes, I said, "How did you know that I was in this building?" She replied, "My other self saw you come in, remove your hat and coat, and walk up the hall."

Looking at her, I said, "Are you dying?" She replied, "I am dying and living. In other words, while I lie here on the bed, there is another part of me which is standing beside you." Grasping the situation, I said to her, "Answer me two questions before you go, for you will go." Then I asked her these two questions which she answered clearly. "Is the consciousness which is standing beside me the same consciousness which is in that body lying on the bed?" The young lady replied, "It is the same consciousness, but as I lose the physical body, the true consciousness of life becomes much more clear, and this consciousness it is which is standing beside you."

I then asked her if she would be able to commune with me after all consciousness had left the body on the bed. She replied, "Yes, I could communicate with you, but you would not be able to receive the communications, because you exist as a physical body." Then I asked her another question -- a daring and very vital question -- and I ask all students of the so-called psychic or spiritual realm to read carefully here. I said to this young girl, "Do you know that the consciousness which is standing beside me can prevent your physical body from dying?" She replied, "I know that, but I do not care to live any longer, although I could if you wished me to."

I submit this experience without comment, and I want to give you another one which happened shortly after. The husband in this case is at the present time in the Cabinet of the United States Government. His name is known all over the world. He has no use for me and never did have, and loudly berated his wife because she was crying while his own daughter had not lain in her little grave three days yet.

I received a long distance telephone call one afternoon asking me if I could come at once to a certain city about nine hundred miles from Moscow. I replied that I had just completed an eight hundred mile drive, but if the case was really an emergency, I would start now. The beautiful mother implored me to leave at once, offering me any amount of money to go. Let me say in passing that I have never yet allowed anyone I have ever gone to see to even buy me one gallon of gasoline. Not a five-cent piece have I ever taken toward expenses of those trips.

The patient was a little girl, a beautiful thing. As I recall, it was internal streptococci infection, and a very bad case. Not knowing as much of the Power of the Spirit of God then as I know now, I worked myself up into a frenzy over that case. This was absolutely the wrong thing to do, but I did it, nevertheless. The little thing's temperature was up to 106, and the abdomen was bloated. Discoloration of the body had started. This was the information I received over the telephone.

I drove well into the middle of the night, and feeling myself falling asleep, I pulled into a little country hotel, at Weiser, Idaho, knowing that it would have been dangerous for me to have driven any further. I put in a long-distance call to this home and told the lady that I could not drive any farther and was going to get a few hours sleep and would continue the journey the next morning. I shall never forget the happiness in her voice as she informed me that little Blank was better. Her temperature had gone down, and she was conscious once more. I then informed the lady, that being the case, I would turn around and drive back to Moscow, which I did the next morning. Frenzied attempts were made to catch me along the way between that city and Moscow, Idaho. This family belonged to the Mormon church organization which has very little use for any religious organization outside of its own. When it was discovered that the mother had sent for me, there was plenty of trouble brewing. On calling on this little girl that same afternoon and on noticing the remarkable recovery, the attending physicians began to squirt into her arm something, the nature of which I do not know -- probably anti-streptococci serum. In any event, before night the little girl was dead.

I drove back the next week, and the mother of that little child and I sat practically all day in my car in the cemetery while she told me the inside story of what had happened. When consciousness had returned to this little child, her mother was so happy that she threw her arms around her neck and said, "Oh, Blank, you are going to live. You are going to live, and I am so happy." The little girl, however, having been so close to death's door that she had caught something of the glories of the true life which is God replied, "Oh, but mama, I don't want to live. I have seen where I am going, and I do not want to live here any longer."

Now, these two cases have a direct bearing on what I am trying to do, insofar as bringing the true knowledge of God to this earth. In the one case, the young lady realized that her real self was able to overcome physical death had she desired to. In the second case, the little girl, only six years old with childish human nature had chosen to live in the God-consciousness instead of living in the surroundings to which she had been accustomed. I could say more about those surroundings, but I won't. The fact I am trying to drive home to you is that, had it not been for the foolish and pagan teachings of present-day church organizations, that one must die to know God, this earth would be a paradise now. Certainly no church in two thousand years or in ten thousand years has been able to advocate any religious philosophy or do one single thing toward making God a relity here and now. Every last one of them has nothing more to offer than a "home in heaven." As far as I am concerned, if we do not know heaven here, we never shall know it. Not that life in itself is destructible. It is not. It is completely indestructible. But why cannot we know and recognize the fullness of the Realm of God, which Realm we shall know without the bodies? I repeat, cannot we know the Power here and now instead of having to wait until this life is over? That is an untrue philosophy. It dishonors God. The essence of everything that has life is God, and God cannot be destroyed. It is my contention that it was never meant for God to be hidden from the human race for even one second, and were it not for these "crucified god stories," this world would be a far different place, I assure you.

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