THIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY MUST NEEDS BE AN UNFINISHED BOOK. An uncompleted story. For this work of the Spirit of God, far from being ended, has hardly begun. The part your writer is playing in it is of only minor consideration. I consider the victory already won. For this work has attained such a scope that it will continue long after I have been laid under the sod -- probably in the little cemetery here in Moscow, Idaho.

A couple of years ago we held the "Psychiana" National Convention in the Shrine Auditorium in Portland, Oregon. Wonderful time we had in that Convention. Students from every State in the union were there. I remember asking the Students who had come from the farthest point to rise. An old colored lady sitting in the back seat rose and raised her hand. "Dr. Robinson, ah done come from all the way from Florida. I had quite a heap of a time gettin' here. Lawd help me -- ah done been stealing money out of mah husband's pockets fo' over six months now, jest to git to come here to this yere convention. But praise de Lawd, he done help me never to git catched doin' dat stealing, and is ah happy? . . . I'll tell de world I'se happy. Doctor Robinson, if you'll play dat pipe-organ, ah'll come up on de stage and sing you'all a song."

Of course, this old colored lady's speech brought her the plaudits of the crowd, and I at once invited her to the platform, while I took my seat at the large four manual organ in the Auditorium.

"What are you going to sing?" I asked our colored Student.

"Why ahse gwine to sing dat ole song bout a fountain being filled with blood," she replied.

I was not overanxious to hear the strains of "There is a fountain filled with blood," nevertheless I played the accompaniment on the organ while the colored lady sang as if her lungs would burst.

After she had finished with the "fountain of blood," I turned her thoughts to other, and more pleasant subjects. I asked her to tell the audience what the Power of the Spirit of God had really done for her. Her testimony rang and rang and rang. It is not possible for me to hear such testimonies, and to read the scores of thousands of letters which are received, and not know that the Spirit of God really is at work in human lives, right here and now. Of course, we are up against an institution which has for centuries brought to this world an utterly false conception of God. That conception is no more than an old pagan religious superstition, told again.

Naturally, being honest, this statement brings down much wrath on my head. Nevertheless, that statement is true, as I have proven so many times. Were it not true, and had the true picture of the Power of the Spirit of God been brought to this earth, there would be no such ghastly wholesale murder as we are witnessing today. This whole civilization is bewildered. Our churches are lost. They are at their wit's end. They actually believe the story they are teaching, more's the pity. For it is a terribly hard job to tell religionists their story is untrue. If these same people are wrong in anything else, they might thank me for pointing out their error. But when one discovers the actual truth of the existence of God, and then attempts to tell those teaching falsehood that their story is untrue, that man has his work cut out.

Nevertheless, if the Spirit of God be in that man, and if he is a man that will never waver, and if he is willing to go to his death at any time for the sake of the truths of God -- that man will inevitably win out even though it be against the whole world of theology. That is one thing I know. On that assurance, I live and progress in this work of God for the whole human race.

At the Convention in Portland, Mr. Whittlesey, Secretary of the Masonic Auditorium, was a very interested spectator of the whole Convention. He attended every meeting. After the close of the series of addresses, he came to me and said: "Dr. Robinson, you have started something which will live long after you have passed away." He spoke truly. Since that day I have come very close to the veil of shadows. Very close -- and were it not for the actual Power of the Spirit of God in me, I should be lying out there in the Moscow cemetery, even now.

It happened on the 28th of June, 1940. A dangerous heart attack. I had, for thirteen years been tearing myself apart physically. No call went unheeded. Calls for financial aid. Calls in illness. Calls to speak. Calls to visit. Business calls. Never for one moment have I considered myself in this Movement. I never shall, I trust. For to me to live means just one thing -- bringing God to the world. If I can't do that I don't want to live.

The day before this attack of Coronary Thrombosis I had made a very fast trip to Portland, Oregon, and return. Some nine hundred and fifty miles. The next morning I got up and dressed as usual, but I was so tired I could not eat my breakfast. Putting on my hat I started for the door, intending to go to the office for another day's strenuous work. But I never got as far as the door. On my way from the dining room to the front door, a very severe pain caught me in the middle of the chest. Usually I can pass any pain off instantly. But I knew this was a very serious pain, and I also knew the heart had collapsed, or had some serious disturbance.

I sat in a chair, and, the pain increasing in intensity, I asked Mrs. Robinson to call our family physician, who, on arriving, pronounced it a Coronary Thrombosis, and a very serious attack. A specialist was called from Spokane, Wash., to consult with Dr. Wilson, the local physician, and the diagnosis was confirmed. The next few weeks were precarious ones for me. I knew I should recover, but no one else thought I would. There I hovered between life and death, with Mrs. Robinson staying close by me like the guardian angel she is. Alfie and Florence were very much upset. No visitors were allowed.

Well, the weeks and the months went by, and the danger period passed, too. But the recovery was not what it should have been. One day, it was decided to fix a bed in the back of my car, and take me to a hospital in Seattle, Wash. I nearly died on the trip, for it really was a very foolish thing to attempt, and we had been warned against attempting it. But the trip was made.

A thorough going-over was given me by two famous physicians, and they held little hope of ultimate recovery. They very frankly told me so. On learning that their prognosis was bad, and on being told the sad news that I could not recover, I called for my clothes – and a taxi. Dressing with the assistance of a nurse, I had the taxi take me to the New Washington Hotel where I engaged a room and went to bed. I had been on a strict diet at the Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, so decided to celebrate my release by ordering a meal. If I was going to die I wanted it to be on a full stomach. But I knew I was not going to die. And so, calling for “room service” I ordered ham and eggs, French fried potatoes, buttered toast, coffee and two pieces of custard, my favorite pie.

That was that. I felt better after the meal, and, shortly after, I dressed and went down the elevator to the lobby where I paddled around for an hour or so. It felt good to be able to even walk round a hotel lobby. The next day I did the same thing, and the day after that, called up Moscow and told Bill Marineau to bring the Cadillac. I was coming home. And not to die, but to go to work. Bill arrived in Seattle the same day I called him, and the next day I sat up in the front seat of that Cadillac and rode 425 miles from Seattle to Moscow. And did not die either.

Arriving at Moscow I went to work, and today, February 2nd, 1941, am working just as hard as I have ever worked. The attack was on June 28th, 1940, barely seven months ago. Yet here I am, feeling not the slightest sign of heart collapse or its after-effects, and I have been doing this for three months now. Last week I returned from a trip to New York, Chicago, Washington, D. C., and made the trip alone and without any help.

While in D. C. I was invited to speak to the associated Bible classes of the Church of the Brethren. Dr. Warren Bowman is pastor of that church. I spoke for about fifty minutes, and at the end of the Bible study hour, the ministerial committee waited upon me and asked me if I would not preach the morning sermon. I did. Yet not the slightest sign of weakness, and had I desired to, I could have preached two more sermons that day. This just goes to show how the power of the Spirit of God can operate in every circumstance where the existence of that Spirit is fully recognized.

There have been other experiences in this home in which both Alfie and little Florence have been at death's door, and it has taken, in Florence's case, all the faith, all the confidence, all the assurance I have ever possessed in the Spirit of God to pull her through. But she came through. And throughout the length and breath of this land, and all over the world, are scores of thousands who have telegraphed us here in Moscow, and I know of no case where the Spirit of God has not responded, bringing a complete recovery, as it did in my own case.

* * *

Let me tell you of a remarkable incident which happened in that Portland convention. Just before I had started to speak one evening, a Western Union boy appeared at the Temple with a telegram. He was sent to the platform with it. On opening the wire, in public, I read these words: "My nephew Corwin Hull dying tubercular meningitis please help."

Opening the telegram in public, I read it to the delegates gathered there in the auditorium. Then I said to them, "This boy will not die, for the Power of the Spirit of God will instantly heal him." The next day came a wire from the father of that boy stating that he had recovered. I was speaking one year later in the same Masonic Temple, and I recited this story. A lady interrupted, "Doctor Robinson, I just want to state that I am the mother of that boy, and I wish to corroborate everything you have said. The boy miraculously recovered."

The "Psychiana" Movement has been one continuous record of such happenings as these. I never intended the Movement to be a healing Movement, and really it is not. Whatever healings we see, and there have been tens of thousands of them, are but an adjunct to the Power of God as we teach it. When a human life begins to recognize the staggering fact that it has God in it, anything can happen. And when one is fortunate enough to have had as much experience with this invisible Spirit as it has been my fortune to have had, naturally one begins to expect God to do big things. And this invariably happens. Whatever I expect God to do, God does.

There are few nights that I am not awakened out of sleep to answer some long distance telephone call. So many of these calls came in that I have had to take the telephone off the hook more than once in order to secure any sleep.

More than 200,000 unsolicited letters have been received from all parts of the world, telling in no uncertain terms what the Power of the Spirit of God is doing, since this new revelation of the Power of God came to this earth through this Movement. So many come in that we do not keep them any more. We have not the room. At this point I shall let you read a few of these letters. I believe they rightfully belong in this book. Needless to say, all such letters are quite unsolicited. We never ask for the letters, and most certainly we never pay for them. Here are a few.

"My deepest gratitude expressed to you for your profound loyalty to humanity. You have given to us a new love, a new life, and a new world. That all the world could know what I, just one obscure person, have already learned and accomplished through your Teaching, this conception of great Truth. There could be no more suffering or sorrow. There could be no more wars."


"Thanks so much for your kind help. I know your and my prayers were answered. Just a few months ago I was not well -- had a growth under my arm. I went back to the hospital this last Thursday and the doctors could not find a thing. They took an X-ray picture, too, and you can imagine how happy I am. I shall walk in the right pathway from now on, and believe in that great Power of our Living God. Thank you again and again for your Teachings and good help."


"I had two strokes of paralysis and was in pretty bad condition. One of your Students told me I would get well and said I should write to Doctor Robinson. I did this, telling you of my misfortune and sickness. Today I am feeling fine. On Saturday, July 22, I had my doctor examine me for blood pressure. He tested my heart and could find nothing wrong. Then he used the X-ray and found my heart in fine condition. I thank you, Doctor Robinson, and 'Psychiana' for my speedy recovery."


"I cannot very well close this letter without first giving you my impression of your Lesson Number Two. One can hardly pass it without comment. It has left a permanent marker on my mind which shall not soon be erased. It tears through convention and tradition, and revolutionized the manner in which man has been taught to think. To say that I thank you and appreciate the opportunity afforded me to participate in this great study faintly expresses my indebtedness to you for the invaluable services already rendered upon the receipt of my second Lesson."


"First I want to say 'Psychiana' is beautiful. Each day I love 'Psychiana' more and more. Almost an invalid, my health is beginning to improve; but best of all, Doctor Robinson, I am able to help others regain their health. Just yesterday a lady came to me suffering with a very painful growth on her breast. I used 'Psychiana's' Teaching -- God's healing Power -- and this morning she called me to say that when she went to show it to her neighbor this morning to her great surprise it was gone. Not even a scar there. Now she is persuaded she wants to study 'Psychiana'. I talk 'Psychiana' at every opportunity. I'm beginning now to experience a new something I cannot describe. Things are coming a bit better financially, too. Many, many thanks.”


"Without a doubt, 'Psychiana' Lessons are wonderful. When I received the first Lesson of the first series, I was a very sick and despondent man. It was wonderful the uplift and peace of mind it brought to me and this has remained with me. My financial position has very much improved, and I am just reaching out and building a home which has been my greatest desire. It is astounding how everything has been made so easy in connection with the loan of money for the erection of the building. I sincerely thank you for your teaching of the wonderful Power of the God-Law, and wish you every success m your wonderful great work."


“I must write to tell you of my joy and gratitude at having my little son, Richard, home again and well after six months in Children's Hospital in Denver. The nurses and doctors speak of his healing in such terms as 'a modern miracle', 'who's your guardian angel, Dick?', etc., and I shall never cease thanking God, after seeing the Power of the Living God defeat the last enemy' for Richard."


"Oh, Doctor Robinson, you are a wonderful man, and this wonderful truth you are teaching is worth a million dollars to anyone who will believe it and try it. I could not go on without it now."


"When I began studying with you, I was not only the saddest woman in the world, but a bitter one as well. Illness, financial worries, and misery dogged my footsteps. Now I have a new lease on life -- no, a new life, and things are rapidly taking form for a better, richer life still. I would like to continue my studies with you and help to place this Teaching in the hands of everyone I contact. I want others to find peace and health in the Power as I have, and believe it the best way to show my gratitude."


"I am sure you hear this from every letter but I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing this message to all of us. I cannot express myself enough to tell you how grateful I am. I am very happy to be in a small way connected with this organization. It means much to me and you will hear from me from time to time."


"Allow me to thank you ever so much for the very many experiences I have had since I have started my studies with you. My whole life has changed; I have become more self-confident, I now know who and what God is, where God is, and now I can say that I do enjoy my happy moments spent with God."


"I am happy to tell you I have found, through 'Psychiana', the peace which passeth all understanding. I look for my Lessons as letters from a dear friend, study them quietly each day as you suggested, and get a new thrill each time."


"Your .Lessons are really wonderful. There's no doubt about it they are God-inspired. Every Lesson is a gem, so beautiful worded and so full of Power .that one feels kind of mentally recharged after reading them. Thanks a million for introducing me to the God-Power. I've always believed in God, but it took you to put me in real touch with Him. God bless you."


"I write these lines briefly just because I feel you should know what your Lessons did for me. I received nine Lessons. I read and reread them, even after being ridiculed for doing so. For the past five years I wanted to attend business college, and thanks to your Lessons I have what I wanted. Things have opened up for me more than ever before in my life. I am exceedingly happy, and look to the Law of Life as my support. I trust it, believe in it, and it has helped me wonderfully."


"I am glad to say that I am almost completely recovered from a serious heart ailment and much credit goes to Doctor Robinson for the understanding I have of the God-Law and how to use it. We are very sure of financial success as we have a wonderful start along those lines."


"I am so happy I can hardly write. One of our state Senators whose name I sent in has just called to see me and thank me for sending in his name. He said it was the most wonderful thing he had ever conceived or heard of. My father has had an illness the doctors said was asthma of the heart. He is now able to lie down and sleep normally, and is apparently well. We are so happy over his rapid recovery. Thanks for the Power that works so effectively."


"First I want to thank you millions of times over and over again for your great kindness and good deed. My daughter of four years of age was so seriously ill with complications of a ruptured appendix that the rumors were that she didn't even have a chance. But I knew different. I just didn't believe in death with the presence of the great Life-Spirit and its Powers. After three weeks of that most horrible illness I wired you and got an immediate reply which I am so very proud of. Now my daughter is all through draining and is playing around with the other youngsters. Now I will close with my husband's and my heartiest thanks to you for my daughter has got to be strong and healthy. Thank you so very much again and again."


"As I stated in my last letter, we have bought a little home, thanks to the great God-Law. A few months ago I was working on W.P.A., and my wife and I were asking God for a private job and a little home of our own SQ we could get away from paying rent. Two months ago I got a private job, and now we have a little home of our own. I certainly know that the great God-power will do wonderful things for you if you will only express your desires and expect them to be answered. Thank the great God and you for these wonderful Lessons."


"I wish to send you this letter of thanks for the marvelous results in healing for us through the Power of the living God. We sent you a telegram last Wednesday morning concerning my nephew, three years old. He was crying with pains in his abdomen and was a very sick child to all appearances, but soon after we sent you word the child fell asleep and got better and kept improving rapidly, and now is perfectly whole and well. We cannot thank you enough for throwing the Power of God into play for this child of ours. We will never forget this service, and hope to help 'Psychiana' Movement along as much as possible financially and spiritually and all ways. Thanking you again, we are grateful and will close knowing we are all one in the Spirit of God and God's works."


"I think your 'Psychiana' is a grand thing. When I started studying your Lessons everything changed. I have a job now paying good pay fourteen days a month. In my case it would have been impossible without your study of the God-Law. I am wishing you lots of success."


"It is now some time since I wrote to you asking for help for my sister, and I want you to know my heart is overflowing with gratitude for what you did for her. After writing you she had one very bad hemorrhage, but has had none since."


"Thanks many times for your wonderful help. I was very ill when I first wrote you for help. The doctors had about given me up. After you sent me the Lessons Numbers One, Two, and Three, I made a big change. My doctor is amazed."

I am frequently asked what will happen when the world at large knows the fullness of the implications of this work. Frankly, I do not know. I do know that this world does not now know God. We are faced with a situation in which millions of people believe, or say they believe a certain set of religious facts. Though there are about five hundred different sects, creeds, and cults, the fundamentals of them all are alike. They all believe in the crucifixion of a god for the "sins" of the human race.

This conception of God, while accepted by so many millions, is a thousand miles from the actual truths of God. These millions of good honest souls have been taught by preacher and priest that they must believe what they say, because there is no other name given under heaven whereby they can be "saved". You see, the whole religious structure of today is predicated on the "sinfullness" of man, which "sinfullness" is inherent in man. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they sinned. Therefore, all have been born under a curse. That curse, we are told, may be lifted only as one professes his or her belief in the death of a god to wipe away that sin.

It has been given to the founder of "Psychiana" to see the True Light. And my work on this earth is to tell the churches, and their followers, the stark, plain, simple fact that they have been misled in what they have been taught about God. All reference to crucifixion, atonement, baptism, virgin birth, resurrection of the body, and to Jesus Christ, are fictional and most certainly not fact. This is very easily proven. (Read Gleams over the Horizon or Crucified Gods Galore by this writer). In spite of the fact that the whole Christian structure of religion is founded on these supposed facts, my work is to tell the human race these so-called facts are not true. That, in a nutshell, is what I am on this earth for.

Naturally, if these theories of God are not true, then the whole Christian religion is deluding its followers. That is a fact. Equally true is it, that if the Christian theory of God crucified as Jesus is not true, the truth of God must lie somewhere else. It does. And it is my work to show this world what that truth is. A staggering thing to attempt? Of course it is. But, if I am the man for this work, and I do know whereof I speak, then, through the invisible Power I teach I shall be able to change the entire religious structure of the world, bringing to it, not a theory of God which was stolen from a pagan system of religion, but the actual truth of God.

For truth is God. And there can be no religion higher than truth. The sad fact is that men and women, in spite of the God-less condition of the world today, choose to hang on to their pet church theories, even though they strongly suspect they cannot possibly be true. The Power of God can bring such fanatics as Hitler to their knees very speedily. And if there was only one church congregation in America which knew God, that would be accomplished. If the churches will not find God -- if they insist upon worshipping Jesus Christ as "God crucified", then the true revelation of the Power of God will come to this earth through some other organization which operates entirely outside of the church.

That is happening now. And the world knows it is happening. And the churches know it is happening. They know they are powerless, yet they will not give up their heathen, pagan ideas of God Almighty being crucified by human hands on a cross of wood. However, the choice is theirs. If they insist on teaching such pagan dogmas, the churches will fall. They will stand idly by while others, who do know the Power of the Spirit of God, proceed to win the world, not to the church -- but to the Spirit of God.

That, is my work. I have tried simply, honestly in this book to paint a bit of a picture of the man heading this world Movement. He is not much of a man as you now know. But, in the infinite wisdom of a great God, this poor piece of humanity is performing a work. He is a vessel which God can use. And the reason God can use me is because I have no pet theories of my own regarding God. I hold to nothing the churches teach concerning God Almighty being born of a virgin and crucified on a cross.

There is just one thing I know, and that is that what I do not know about God, can be, and is being daily revealed to me, as the need arises. Personally, I am nothing. I never want to be anything. I could not be anything if I wanted to. But -- through this insignificant man, who perhaps should not have been born at all, God is speaking, and God will continue to speak until the shadows of a church-filled God-less earth pass away, and the glory of the knowledge of the ever-existing Spirit of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. In closing this autobiography, I refer once more, as I started the book, with the words of John (Cardinal) Newman -

"Lead Kindly Light, amid th' encircling gloom,
Lead Thou me on;
The night is dark, and I am far from home,
Lead Thou me on.
Keep Thou my feet, I do not ask to see the distant scene,
One step enough for me."


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